Retail Sales Organizations

Criminal Searches – Stealth partners offers two types of criminal searches:

Essential Criminal Report

The Essential ReportTM is a compiled report containing information from these key data sources:

  • A "National" Criminal Report
  • Multi-State Sex and Violent Offender Report
  • A.I.M (Address Information Manager™)
  • GlobalReportTM (Patriot Act)

You simply enter the name, DOB and SSN and The Essential Report returns information from all four of the above sources.

and the C.O.P.S. searches:

C.O.P.S. – Criminal Offender Profile Summary

A powerful high-speed multi jurisdictional search of our state and county criminal records databases. C.O.P.S. quickly returns offender information in a condensed easy to comprehend format.

C.O.P.S. Plus

A more robust version of our C.O.P.S. report with additional offense and sentencing information. C.O.P.S. Plus™ also provides Affiliates the ability to customize the content and search criteria of their criminal database offerings by setting up multiple search criteria configurations offering the greatest amount of flexibility.

Employment and Education Verification - Our professionals attempt a verification of the applicant’s previous or current employment start date, end date, title, salary and eligibility for rehire from a single source (typically HR) but we don’t stop there and will go to such resources as the Work Number if need be to perform this important function.

Our education verification attempts a verification of the applicant’s school, dates of attendance and degree or major.

Social Security Number and Address-History Verification

A powerful investigative tool that provides information on individuals' past addresses and movement patterns. A.I.M.™ establishes an investigative starting point and allows for better management and a more complete background check by verifying and returning information on applicants: Full Name, Age/DOB, Address, and Dates at listed Addresses plus Phone Numbers.

Drug Testing

Our drug screening programs conform to all state and federal laws. They are fully DOT and FCRA Compliant. Stealth Partners has agreements with drug testing facilities in every state and can turn around test results over night in most instances to be included in your Applicant profile the next day.

Credit Reports

Stealth Partners Single Bureau Consumer Credit Report is a global leader in real-time, multi-channel Customer Data Integration, enables businesses to develop and deepen employee/employer relationships by creating a single, accurate view of their employee’s credit and litigation histories.

Packages available to customers with high volume. Applicant tracking system (ATS) and psychological testing are also available.